What is


Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability through physical means.
It focuses on patients' day-to-day functioning and enhancing their quality of life.
Pediatric Physiotherapy
Pediatric Physiotherapy is centered around helping kids to conquer formative difficulties in their development. It helps children to accomplish their ideal physical function and development. Physiotherapy likewise addresses quality and perseverance both of which are vital for coordination, and having the capacity to support physical play. There are many types of treatment accessible, so it is basic that our exceedingly trained therapists completely evaluate the child to decide the best possible type of treatment for them and their particular needs. Aim of pediatric physiotherapist is to utilize an assortment of treatment plan for a child to manufacture quality, enhance development, and fortify aptitudes expected to finish day by day activities.
Signs Your Child may need Physical Therapy:
Delay in achieving any motor milestone like head holding, turning, sitting, getting up from sleep, crawling, standing, walking etc.
Using only one hand and not weight bearing on one leg while walking
Difficulties riding a bike
Looseness in hands or legs
Stiffness in hand and legs
Crossing the leg
Throwing of head backwards
Poor balance and coordination
Frequent fall
Any congenital problem or syndromes leading to delay in development
Difficulty in performing task